We develop holistic
digital strategies
and concepts


From devising and designing business-critical IT architectures to managing digital transformation and implementation processes. Our teams work across the globe to develop IT strategies and concepts for renowned manufacturing companies and service providers.


Technology Plus Industry Expertise

Our staff gain diverse cross-sector experience in a vast range of projects, during which they strengthen their own knowledge base. That’s how we combine technology know-how with sector expertise.


Tech and Digital unlock business impact across consumer industry. We support leading consumer companies through key areas: eCommerce, marketplace, omnichannel, personalization, next generation ERP, digital supply chain, AI, data governance, tech operating models, tech and digital strategy


Energy companies are adapting to the pressures stemming from renewable sources, regulatory changes, and technological advances through advanced digital transformation. BCG Platinion is at the forefront, advising on the integration of smart technology, robotics and the utilization of big data analytics in all energy sectors.

Financial Institutions

In financial services, technology is leading the sector’s transformation by optimizing efficiencies, reducing costs and revolutionizing business models through innovation in blockchain, AI and big data.


Health care is at the tipping point of a rapid digital evolution, driven by patients demanding personalized, modern and tailored treatment plans, while providers and pharmaceutical companies are focused on improving the patient experience through new digital care models.

Industrial Goods

Technology is creating exceptional value for the Industrial Goods industry with IoT investments at the top of its digital agenda. We define and support implementation of IoT systems and analytics, applying human-centered methodologies to ensure user and customer acceptance across the supply chain.


As the insurance industry races to modernize itself, harnessing the power of technology to seek new opportunities, it must also remain relevant and secure to customers.

Principal Investors & Private Equity

More so than ever, technology is driving business growth and must be a top consideration in M&A decision making. Assessing technological capabilities in the due diligence phase requires specific knowledge across IT architecture, enterprise systems and cybersecurity.

Public Sector

The public sector is not immune to the disruption instigated by new digital technologies and the unique structural and regulatory challenges inherent to the sector often drives industry innovation that pushes it forward.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Telecommunications, media and technology firms have pioneering roles in the digital revolution. Balancing the expansion of their business models, interacting effectively with customers, and reimagining legacy IT landscapes—all while managing increasing cost pressure—all factor significantly in achieving success.

Diverse Challenges

Each of our projects is unique with its own special challenges, whether it’s the unusual strategic or operational significance of a task, content-specific complexity, or tight deadlines. Thanks to intelligent networking of our skills, we master the most diverse types of project.

  • State-of-the-Art IT Architecture
    • Designing appropriate architectures for digital strategies
    • Performing due diligence for and evaluating application landscapes
    • Developing roadmaps for the modernization of core systems
  • IT Transformation and Operating Models
    • Major project and transformation management
    • Agile project management and establishing innovative working methods such as SaFe, Scrum, and DevOps
    • Optimization of IT governance; development and delivery processes
  • Sound Technology Competencies
    • Expertise in standard software packages for ERP, SCM, and CBS
    • Identification, architectural integration and utilization of the technological potentials of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation and further innovative technologies
    • Innovation know-how from the areas of the IoT, block chain, and cybersecurity

What our Employees say

“What it’s like working at BCG Platinion in a few words? Pure excitement!”

Carolin Fell
Marketing Director

“Passion for quality, high-level motivation and strong teamwork are intertwined at BCG Platinion.”

Julian Jung

“The litmus test is whether the client ultimately stands behind the results.”

Ludger Küpper
Managing Director

“We are a team with an iron will and strong commitment that makes even the seemingly impossible possible.”

Robert Daniel
Managing Director

“We deliver–no excuses: From IT strategy to implementation support, BCG Platinion stands for high-quality IT consulting that generates sustained value.”

Jan P. Heck
Managing Director

“It is up front, in direct contact with the client, that the learning curve is the steepest.”

Sören Pante

“I can state my opinion and ideas in front of any seniority level at BCG Platinion – open discussions are welcomed”

Linda Werner

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The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms. We are a permanent part of its global knowledge and expert network. We complement BCG offerings with technology expertise, along with implementation competence, to solve business-critical IT challenges. That’s how we create exceptional synergies for success in all our client projects.

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